National Llewellin Setter Association

Southwest MO Walking Llewellin Trial 
October 5-6, 2002 
1st-DC's-Lucille-Joe Noe
2nd-Peach Ringhold Bondu-Larry Covington
3rd-Irish Bondu Dot-Larry Covington

1st-Blue Sky Bailey-Russ Leaming
2nd-Sassy Lady Wind'em-Gary Wente
3rd-Rhett'N'Wily's Buccaneer-Steve Fleming
4th-Highland Baron Wind'em-Gary Wente
5th-Sophia's Bomber Legacy-Jimbo Portman

1st- Rhett'N'Wily's Buccaneer-Steve Fleming
2nd-Shoeleather Fred-Joe Noe
3rd-Thornton's Bomber Baby-Levi Thornton
4th-Shoeleather Buddy-Joe Noe

1st-Sassy Lady Wind'em-Gary Wente
2nd- Sabina-Ron Scudder
3rd- Pokey-Gill Wilson
4th- Clea-Leaming
5th- Pepper-Pete Mckendry

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