The International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance
The International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance
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The IPDBA will go one step further that the FDSB under which we formally registered our dogs. The FDSB has always registered the Llewellin Setter under the English Setter Registry with the distinction of Llewellin in italics only, after the registration information. The registrations of the Llewellins are spread throughout the English Setter Registry and under no separate or specific title heading.  See the following example found in the American Field ŃField Dog Stud Book Registrations, April-May-June, 2001, 1519854-1522979, American Field Publishing Co. Of 60 English Setters males listed in the first section 11 are Llewellins.

The FDSB originally registered both feather and fur breeds as well as publishing both a ╬wild game huntingÔ and a ╬fishingÔ news section. The FDSB now registers the Brittany, German Drahthaar, German Shorthair, Springer Spaniel, Spiononi, Visla, Wimaraner, Wire Haired Pointer Griffon, Pointer, English Setter, Gordon Setter, Irish Setter, & Irish Red and White Setter.

There is no breed distinction set up in the FDSB with a distinct heading for the Llewellin Setter, nor has there ever been.

The International Progressive Dog Breeders Alliance (IPDBA) has contacted the Llewellin Setter Association. Since they already have a the Llewellin Setter set up they have invited us to join the IPDBA and to establish the Charter Breed Distinction for registration of all Llewellins with them under the Charter Breed Distinction for the Llewellin Setter. 

We have decided to do so with the consent of those who have already presented dogs for registration in the FSSB. As of now, the FSSB will turn over its records and pedigree database over to the IPDBA. By doing this I believe it will benefit all Llewellin owners in that it will not be directly associated with me as the breeder of your dog. All will forever be able to register their Llewellin with another registry separate from both myself and the FDSB.  I believe this is the best solution for all Llewellin owners. 

This IPDBA, formed as an alliance to comprise several independent Stud Book groups, is based in the US and was organized to protect the right to breed animals. The IPDBA is gaining recognition in Europe because of restrictions in many countries, such as how often a dog may be bred, how many times in a life time a given animal may be bred, ect. Joining the Charter Breed Group (Llewellin Setter) under the IPDBA automatically increases their voice membership for lobbying power. 

We further believe joining this registry will give all Llewellin registrations more authenticity and strength. Breeders will be able to acquire and to place dogs internationally rather than establish dual registrations involving a highly exaggerated fee. 

If yours is one of the dogs caught in the middle of this matter, in order to simplify matters, you may use a ╬copyÔ of the American Field (FDSB) application that was provided at the time of delivery.The basic difference in this registry is that photos, ID Chips and Tattoos will be required with each registration application.  A five-generation pedigree is required. Please check with your breeder to see if the registry has been provided with this information in order to reduce your initial expense. 

Ten dollars ($10.00)

Fifteen dollars ($15.00)

*An IPDBA Litter Enrollment is required on litters born after July 31, 2002

Fifteen dollars ($15.00)

* Same Fee as Without IPDBA Litter Enrollment ÷ Litters born prior to July 31, 2002

Pedigrees up to 5 generations will be issued when available for $10.00 extra.

Web pages are also available for easy access to all forms, complete rules, and information concerning the IPDBA and the Llewellin Setter Association (LSA). The IPDBA will provide the LSA with a listing of all dogs registered in a given year.

The IPDBA registry was formed in 1996 for ╬working or sporting dogsÔ that were being classed with all show dogs in the AKC and UKC. This International Alliance now recognizes over 500 breeds of dogs of all types as well as cats & wild animals. The IPDBA already registers the English, Gordon and Irish Setters.


The IPDBA has approved a Charter Breed Distinction for the Llewellin Setter.

The Llewellin Setter is a pure bred strain of English Setter which has been distinguished from the English Setter in the US for over 100 years. All Llewellin Setters descend back to the cross of three lines, the Duke-Rhoebe-Laverack in any degree of percentage in the three lines. 

In order to be registered as a Llewellin Setter one of the following must apply: 

(1) The pedigree presented must specify the Llewellin Setter as the Breed of the dog.

(2) Should a Dual Registration of an English Setter be presented for registration as a Llewellin; said registration form in addition to the certified pedigree of the dog presented, must be accompanied with a certified pedigree of the closest pedigreed Llewellins in the lines of the dog plus copies of all registration certificates of all dogs going back to the pedigreed Llewellins. A determination will be made concerning any such registration should a Stud Book discontinue the recognition of the Llewellin Setter.
(3) The Stud Book, from which the dog(s) presented, originates must attest that all lines descend back to pure cross of the Duke-Rhoebe-Laverack lines.
The Llewellin Setter Association has been asked to set the Field Trial Rules, based on a foot hunting bird-dog, with scoring on Point and Back as well as Retrieve; for ALL Pointing Dog Breeds registered in the IPDBA! To qualify to compete in these trials, one only need to Dual Register the dog with the IPDBA from any Stud Book. All wins from National Llewellin Gun Dog Club shown on certified pedigrees when registered would be recorded in the IPDBA registry. 
As the Gun Dog Trial group becomes established with distinct area competitions a National Championship Stake will be run. 
The Llewellin Setter Association and the Gun Dog Trial Club may at some time decide to establish a supportive foundation for the Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN. A request may be presented to the Museum that would enable the group to raise the funds to add to their facilities, as the Retriever Club is now doing. A permanent section for the Llewellin Setter could be established in this way that would house and recognize all honors pertaining to all Llewellin Setters for permanent display. The Bird Dog Museum for a fee could provide their facilities for Award Ceremonies, as they do for other organized Field Trial groups.


The IPDBA has also accepted a NEW Charter Breed, the Russian Llewellin Setter. 

(1) All 100% Russian descent English Setters will be accepted as Russian Llewellin Setters.

(2) Under this distinction any Llewellin Setter may be bred with a Russian Llewellin Setter resulting in all descendants being recognized as a Russian Llewellin Setter.
This will allow this strain to be developed to its fullest potential as well as meeting the approval of those who do not wish to have the blood in the Llewellin Setter.

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